EMILYS LIST - who and what are they?
Babette Francis

“Many people have no idea what “Emily’s List” means, nor are they aware of its pernicious influence, writes Babette Francis.”

In my suburban paper there was a news item advertising a theatrical production, and it was mentioned that funds raised would be donated to Emily’s List”.   Some people would in good faith attend the theatre, unaware of what they were supporting. The acronym "Emily" stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast. First established in the United States , "Emily's List" is a feminist organisation which provides money, training and mentoring support to have pro-abortion women elected to parliament. It functions within the Democrat Party in the US and the ALP in Australia. Emily's List candidates also support "equity", i.e. the preferential hiring and promotion of women in jobs even though there may be better qualified men, and it also supports "diversity", meaning homosexual "rights".

In Australia "Emily's List" was founded by ex-premiers, Joan Kirner of Victoria, and Carmen Lawrence of Western Australia. It claims 3000 members and that it has helped 122 women into state and federal parliaments. Candy Broad, MLC for Northern Victoria, who introduced a Bill in the Victorian Legislative Council to decriminalize abortion is a member of "Emily's List", and Joan Kirner was one of the driving forces behind the Bill.

Candy Broad's Bill was withdrawn when Mr. Brumby, Premier of Victoria, referred the issue of decriminalising abortion to the Victorian Law Reform Commission. The VLRC recently tabled a Report recommending three possibly Models for decriminalising abortion. Models A and B had some minor restraints on abortions after the 24th week of pregnancy, i.e. the decision was to be in consultation with a doctor, but Model C had no restraints whatsoever, i.e. a woman could demand an abortion at any time during the 9 months of pregnancy. Not even the horrific procedure of partial-birth abortion, now outlawed in the USA, was banned under this model.

I mention the Victorian Law Reform Commission Report because it is their Model C which "Emily's List" favours. Nothing less than completely open slather on the unborn child will satisfy them.

Kath Woolf, President of the ACT Right to Life Association, who is here today, says Candy Broad's male ALP colleagues, some of whom had indicated they would not support her Bill but would consider a different Bill, "either do not understand, or do not wish to acknowledge the influence of the pro-abortion women in all our parliaments. A core strength in these women's ranks are those pro-abortion women who are supported in their careers by "Emily's List from pre-selection right through to Cabinet positions. In power these successful candidates owe allegiance to the "Emily's List" agenda".

Mrs. Woolf goes on to say: "They, even more dangerously, are the strong glue for the cross-party women's [pro-abortion] alliances so clearly demonstrated in the federal legislative initiatives of 2006: the 'Lockhart Bills' [on embryo experimentation and cloning], the RU-486 regulatory regime [taking authority away from Health Minister, Tony Abbott] , and the attempted silencing of pregnancy support groups by punitive measures, which is still ongoing.

"If their Labor colleagues expect some consultation or consideration for the Party's standing on a divisive topic they are living in another universe. The alliance between "Emily's List" Labor women in all Australian parliaments and non-Labor pro-abortion women MPs is growing stronger all the time; their weapon of choice is the Private Member's bill. Major parties can dodge making policy decisions defending core values by subsequently offering a 'conscience' vote".

One could add to Mrs. Woolf's list of the anti-life activities of "Emily's List" and their allies in other parties, the pressure currently being exerted on the Rudd government to include abortion funding in Australia's overseas aid.   Currently AusAid funds cannot be used for abortion or abortion-related services. Women in developing countries need access to clean water and health care during pregnancy and childbirth - instead "Emily's List" in conjunction with the Parliamentary Group on Population and Development wants to use AusAid to kill their unborn children. If they succeed, some AusAid money will go the UN Fund for Population Activities in China which imposes compulsory abortion on women after one child, and where girl-babies are selectively aborted and even killed after birth.

Babette Francis, Endeavour Forum News Weekly at 10 December 2008

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